your color, your style, your way

Few things change the feeling of a space like a quality lighting solution. We've got solutions for stage lighting, mood lighting, custom spotlights and whatever other lighting elements you'll need.
Lighting Columns
Stage Equipment
Custom Gobo Light


Practical solutions to your flooring needs

The team at Illusions also provides and installs a variety of flooring options for its tenting solutions. Military grade dura-floors can withstand extreme weight loading, while port-a-floor can be rolled-out quickly and conform to the ground beneath.  Biljax flooring features steel framing with adjustable leg heights, options for a variety of wooden tops, and is appropriate for staging, while lay-down flooring is ideal for longer-term applications on leveled undersurfaces.
After Party Dance Floor

Interior Fabrics

The Look You're Looking for

Fun fact - tent ceiling fabric is actually known as "swag" in the tenting world, and we've got swag to go around. If you're looking for a sheer look for ceiling projections, or a billowy fabric that can give an elegant ambiance, we've got it.
Tent Swag

Doors & Windows

light up the space

Entrances, exits and windows can define the look and feel of a tent. Our experts can help you pick out the right amount and type of window panels to reflect exactly the look you want.
Main Door
Window Walls
Window Walls - Side View
Interior Tent With Windows

Tent Covering

Clear, Swag or Traditional

Once you decide on your tent type and size, it's time to consider the covering. Take into account the ceiling installations, the desired lighting effect, and the durability.
Clear Tent
Lighting Equipment Safety
After Party Tent

Safety Equipment

Ensuring a successful event

We'll make sure that whatever tent we install comes with the necessary permits, structures and scaffolding in order to give peace of mind to all event organizers and attendees. Talk to us about safety equipment!
After Party Tent


Fill your tent with everything you need

Tables, chairs, linens, décor, or anything else you need is waiting for you at Illusions Rentals & Designs. We've got warehouses chock-full of anything you'll need for your event.
Round Tables
Party Tent Chiavari Chairs
Tent Round Tables and Chairs
Patio with Saddle Chairs and Barrel Tables


Lounge in the breeze and the shade

Structure tents are often configured with both enclosed and open walled spaces, providing greater opportunities for lounge seating, bars, entertainment, entranceways, and other venue amenities. Many clients find that configuring structure tents with porches or patio spaces allow for greater flexibility in use of their event tents. Their addition can provide opportunities to incorporate multiple distinctive décor elements, integrate additional signage and corporate branding, create more formal and casual seating areas, aid event operations or help cue attendees for meet and greets, and minimize HVAC costs, among other benefits.
After Party Tent
Tent Patio with Bar
Tent Patio Sports Event
Tent Patio Lounge
Open Tent with Lounge Furniture
Open Tent with Glass Windows
Tent Patio with High Stools

Illusions Rentals

Tents are Just the Beginning

Since event planning doesn't end with tent rental, we don't either! Illusions Rentals & Designs will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you can get everything you're looking for in an event, from furniture to flora.
Alice In Wonderland Themed PartyVisit Illusions Rentals
Party In Tent

Social Events

Large Outdoor Sporting Event

Sporting Events

Transparent Frame Tent Wedding


Building The Tent

Disaster Relief

Red Cross Military Tent


More than just tents

A Good tent is only the beginning
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