Tent Size Calculator

Tent Size Calculator

It isn't easy to know what you'll need when it comes time to choose a tent. We'd like to In order to calculate the type and size tent you will need, it's important to calculate the following factors:

Expected Guests

Calculate the number of people that you expect at your event. This would include all of the people actively taking part of the the event, excluding those that would be serving or attending.

Event Type

The event type is the greatest modifier of needed space. For cocktail parties and standing tables, calculate 3 sq. ft. per person. For a buffet or reception, 8 sq. ft. per person. A seated dinner can occupy up to 12 sq. ft. per person.

Floor Space

Apart from the meal, are you going to want a stage, or a dance floor? These additional floor space items will need to be taken into account in order to pick the right tent for your needs.

How Many Guests?

For smaller amounts of guests, either a Frame tent or a Structure tent would work. Because frame tents have a max width of 40 feet, a group of less than 100 would be able to easily fit inside of either structure.
A larger guestlist requires some thought as to which tent would be needed. A structure tent can extend to a width of 66 feet, and can be as long as needed. If there is not much time to set up, a frame tent might be the ideal option.
To be able to shelter a large amount of guests, a Structure tent will be needed.
Small Tent Layout
Medium Tent Layout

What kind of Event?

For a performance event, guests will be seated in rows, and as not much space would need to be dedicated to each individual guest. However, space would need to be considered for the performance space. If a full band is expected to play on a raised platform, at least 300 square feet would need to be dedicated to that.
For a cocktail party, consider whether it will be standing or partial standing. Calculate 3-6 square feet per guest, in order to comfortably accommodate all guests.
A sit-down meal brings in the variable of tables and table arrangements to the mix. For oblong or round tables, calculate 10-12 sq. ft. per guest in order to ensure a comfortable space for guests and waiters to move freely.
Stage Layout
Reception Layout

How Much Additional Floor Space?

A dance floor, apart from the guest area, can take a significant portion of floor space. Calculate at least 250 sq. ft. for a dance floor, considering more for a larger guestlist/
Some events call for a separate lounge/reception area, apart from the dining space. The space should be at least as large as the dining area if everyone were expected to stay for an extended period of time. If it is meant to be a through-space, it can be smaller.
For events requiring stages, careful attention should be paid to the type of performance. A standard quartet or band would probably not need more than the basics, but a "big band" would need, apart from a reinforced stage, a large amount of floor space to accommodate all members, as well as space for a speaker.
Tent Layout with Dance Floor

Additional Questions

Will the tent be needed for hours, days, weeks or months?

Structure tents are better suited for long-term installations, since they can withstand all kinds of weather situations.

Will weather be an issue?

For large tents that need to be weatherproofed, a Structure Tent will work best. If the tent is primarily to provide shade in an area that won't be exposed to high winds or snow, a frame tent is an excellent option

Quick Glance

Size Standing Cocktail Buffet Dinner Seated Dinner
Frame Tent
10x10 (100 sq. ft) 16-20 12-14 10
10x20 (200 sq. ft) 30-35 15-24 20
10x30 (300 sq. ft) 50-55 25-35 30
20x20 (400 sq. ft) 65-75 50-55 40
20x30 (600 sq. ft) 80-115 70-80 60
20x40 (800 sq. ft) 120-155 100-110 80
30x30 (900 sq. ft) 140-175 100-120 90
30x40 (1200 sq. ft) 190-230 140-160 100
30x50 (1500 sq. ft) 240-290 170-200 125
40x40 (1600 sq. ft) 250-320 180-200 133
40x50 (2000 sq. ft) 310-400 240-260 166
40x60 (2400 sq. ft) 380-470 280-300 200
Structure Tents
50x50 (2500 sq. ft) 400-500 250-280 200
50x66 (3300 sq. ft) 520-650 300-350 260
50x82 (4100 sq. ft) 650-820 400-450 320
66x66 (4356 sq. ft) 690-860 430-475 340
66x82 (5412 sq. ft) 860-100 500-560 416
66x100 (6600 sq. ft) 900-1300 700-800 550
Large format tent
Party In Tent

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