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Frame Tents

Frame Tent
Frame tents are a highly popular event solution due to their open unobstructed interiors, convenience and versatility for a variety of event uses, from weddings and private parties to trade shows and corporate gatherings.  They are especially appropriate where space is limited or confined, on multi-level surface venues and where distinct spaces are desired.  

Clients use frame tents for both indoor and outdoor applications, at fairs and festivals, sporting and civic events, and a wide variety of other applications. Frame tents expand in 10’ width and length increments from a modest 10’ x 10’ to larger than 40’ x 100’, and feature either fabric or clear top canopies built atop an assembled framework of steel or aluminum pipes, which support the material and define its shape. They can be assembled and dismantled rapidly with little manpower, and require no interior supporting poles which maximizes utility and guest space for any occasion.

Structure Tents

Structure Tent
Structure tents are engineered structures featuring modular scalability and an assembled box beam (or I-beam) framework that supports the fabric roof, providing a more robust construction that makes them suitable for longer-term applications and larger events. Structure tents are popular for large-scale events and a large variety of other applications because they also feature large unobstructed interior spaces that maximize event or application utility, as well as wide width options and near-endless modular lengths.

Structure tents are also an affordable option for rapidly transforming a space into a completely enclosed temporary indoor venue, or for semi-permanent applications and year-round use. Structure tents feature higher wall and peak ridge height capabilities, and also come with traditional canopy and clear roofing options. These larger profile solutions expand by 5 meters from widths of 15 meters to more than 50 meters, and scale in 3-meter increments to virtually endless lengths.

Frame tent examples

Frame Tent Interior
Transparent Frame Tent
Frame Tent Exterior

Structure Tent Examples

Structure Tent Interior
Structure Tent with Window Walls
Structure Tent with Lighting Equipment
Structure Tent Side
Structure Tent With Stage
Structure Tent Interior Lights
Structure Tent with Accessories

Tent Size Calculator

In order to calculate the type and size tent you will need, it's important to calculate the following factors:

Expected Guests

Calculate the number of people that you expect at your event. This would include all of the people actively taking part of the the event, excluding those that would be serving or attending.

Event Type

The event type is the greatest modifier of needed space. For cocktail parties and standing tables, calculate 3 sq. ft. per person. For a buffet or reception, 8 sq. ft. per person. A seated dinner can occupy up to 12 sq. ft. per person.

Floor Space

Apart from the meal, are you going to want a stage, or a dance floor? These additional floor space items will need to be taken into account in order to pick the right tent for your needs.
Tent Size Calculator
Large Structure Tent
Party In Tent

Social Events

Large Outdoor Sporting Event

Sporting Events

Transparent Frame Tent Wedding


Building The Tent

Disaster Relief

Red Cross Military Tent


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